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Workshop Wisdom Revealed

🔊 Join Dennis Mattern in this enlightening episode of “The Complete Advisor,” as he hosts Mark Roberts, the innovative owner and president of Affinity Asset Management, and Stacy Drake, the astute Marketing Manager at Affinity. Dive deep into the world of effective financial workshops and marketing strategies that have made Affinity Asset Management a beacon of success.

🔑 Key Highlights:

1. **The Art of Workshops**: Unpack the strategic planning behind Affinity’s impactful workshops. Learn how Mark and Stacy utilize these workshops not just for client acquisition but as a platform for genuine public engagement.
2. **Marketing Mastery**: Stacy Drake provides a rare behind-the-scenes look into the meticulous marketing strategies that have skyrocketed Affinity’s growth. From choosing the right location to leveraging mailers and Facebook, this episode is packed with actionable tactics.
3. **Client Conversion Secrets**: Hear firsthand how Mark turns prospects into clients through a perfected funnel system. This segment is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their client conversion strategies.
4. **Team Dynamics and Efficiency**: Learn about the symbiotic working relationship between Mark and Stacy, and how their combined strengths create an unbeatable team dynamic that drives the business forward.

🌟 Why Listen: If you’re a financial advisor aiming to elevate your practice, or anyone intrigued by successful marketing strategies and business growth, this episode is not to be missed. Mark and Stacy’s experiences, shared in their own words, offer invaluable insights that can transform your approach to business and client relationships.

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