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Trump or Biden…Elections Have Consequences!

In this timely episode of The Complete Advisor, host Dennis Mattern engages with the brilliant mind of Becky Swansburg, CEO of Stonewood Financial. As a former White House staffer and taxation expert, Swansburg shares her unparalleled insights into the fiscal changes looming on the horizon with the upcoming election cycle.

You’re in for a treat as they explore three distinct scenarios of a potential Biden or Trump administration and their implications on savings and taxation. Swansburg doesn’t hold back, delving into the fine print of IRAs, 401(k)s, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, offering listeners a chance to understand and prepare for the financial implications of each possible political future.

With the fate of tax deferral strategies and potential legislative shifts hanging in the balance, this episode is a goldmine for anyone looking to safeguard their retirement against the winds of political change. Beyond mere speculation, Swansburg breaks down complex issues with ease, arming listeners with the knowledge to navigate the interplay of politics, retirement, and tax strategies.

In an era of political re-sorting and inter-party dynamics, The Complete Advisor delivers an episode that not only informs but empowers the average American saver to take control of their financial destiny. Tap into Becky Swansburg’s expertise and get ahead of the curve. Tune in now for a conversation that is as timely as it is timeless, and transform uncertainty into action.

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