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In this episode of “The Complete Advisor,” host Dennis Mattern welcomes Rola Hajeb, Managing Director and Principal at Emerald Blue Advisors, to share her unique approach to hosting financial workshops. Discover how Rola’s innovative strategies at university settings are changing the game, attracting the right clients, and enhancing her firm’s credibility.

Dive into Rola’s journey as she explores different venues from senior centers to libraries, ultimately finding her sweet spot in continuing education classes at universities. She reveals her secret sauce: choosing the right location and timing, leveraging university credibility, and her unique philosophy that turns a workshop into a transformative class.

Experience the inside world of these workshops as Rola walks us through her meticulous preparation, the subtle art of attracting high-quality clients without appearing salesy, and the importance of content that resonates with attendees. She shares real-life examples, demonstrating her expertise in financial planning and distribution, and her commitment to providing value regardless of whether attendees become clients.

This episode is a goldmine for financial advisors and professionals seeking to elevate their client engagement through educational workshops. Learn how to utilize venue, timing, and content to pull in ideal clients and establish yourself as an authority in the field. Rola’s insights on trial and error, audience engagement, and creating a non-sales environment offer invaluable lessons.

Tune in to “The Complete Advisor” for this enlightening conversation with Rola Hajeb, and discover how you can revolutionize your approach to financial workshops, creating a win-win for both your firm and your clients. Don’t miss out on these game-changing strategies! 🎙️💼🌟

Key Takeaway—-
1. **Strategic Venue Selection**: Choose venues thoughtfully, enhancing credibility and success.

2. **Client Attraction and Retention**: Attract fitting clients with workshops rich in valuable insights.

3. **Content is King**: Educational approach key to engaging workshops.

4. **Engagement and Interaction**: Encourage active participation for deeper understanding.

5. **Subtle Marketing Tactics**: Use subtle marketing to demonstrate expertise, attract clients

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