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The Facts of Life…Insurance

Discover the untapped potential of life insurance as a pivotal tool in retirement planning.

Dive deep into the world of Life Insurance Retirement Plans (LIRPs) with host Dennis Mattern and financial maestro Adam Gulin, founder of Pinpoint Financial Services. This insightful episode uncovers the pros and cons of utilizing life insurance in financial strategies, shedding light on lesser-known aspects that could revolutionize your approach to retirement. Whether you’re a seasoned advisor or simply curious about enriching your retirement, Adam’s 42 years of expertise in tax planning and his innovative take on the LIRP will guide you through the complexity of modern financial planning. Tune in to unravel the mystery of LIRPs, learn how to defuse the ‘tax ticking time bomb,’ and discover why this is more than just a supplement to your retirement plan—it could be the key to unlocking a more prosperous future. Click play to empower your financial journey with strategies that go beyond the spreadsheet!

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