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Earning High, Aiming Higher

Dennis Mattern welcomes Harrison Quinn, the visionary Founder, Advisor, and CEO of HDQ Wealth, for a conversation that ventures into the often overlooked yet pivotal demographic known as “Henrys” – High Earners Not Rich Yet. Harrison, who daringly launched his firm in the peak of the pandemic, brings a fresh perspective on wealth management, drawing from his eclectic background that spans drone services, entertainment, nightlife, and even a cryptocurrency hedge fund started in 2016.

Throughout the episode, Harrison shares his unique approach to financial advising, which focuses not just on managing assets but on nurturing a demographic that could be the future’s wealth generators. With insights into his journey of establishing a successful independent firm and the importance of adapting to clients’ evolving needs, Harrison emphasizes the significance of loyalty, personal relationships, and psychological understanding in the realm of financial planning.

This episode is a must-listen for advisors seeking to broaden their client base, individuals on the cusp of wealth, and anyone curious about the dynamics of modern financial planning. Dive into this conversation to discover why prioritizing relationships, managing expectations, and staying adaptable are key to thriving in the ever-changing financial landscape. Don’t miss out on this enlightening dialogue – click to listen now!

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