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Top 7 Objection Handlers…Ranked!

Transform the dreaded “I already have an advisor” objection into a gateway for successful prospecting.

In this enlightening episode of “The Complete Advisor,” host Dennis Mattern welcomes Mike Terrio, President of The Terrio Group, for a deep dive into the challenges and intricacies of financial advising. The conversation delves into common objections advisors face, like the dreaded “I already have an advisor,” and how to transform this objection into an opportunity for deeper conversation and potential partnership.
Listeners will gain invaluable insights into the nuances of client-advisor relationships, the risks associated with financial planning such as bad advice, no advice, and one-sided advice, and the crucial role of effective communication and questioning in uncovering true client needs. The episode also explores the psychological aspects behind financial decisions and the significance of trust and honesty in fostering long-lasting client relationships.

Whether you’re a seasoned financial advisor or just curious about the industry, this episode offers a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of helping clients navigate their financial futures. Discover how embracing holistic financial planning can lead to better outcomes for clients and advisors alike. Click now to listen to this thought-provoking discussion on “The Complete Advisor” podcast.

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