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Small Business Sales = Big Opportunities

In this episode of “The Complete Advisor,” host Dennis Mattern is joined by two distinguished guests: Kelly Carter, CEO of Beacon Retirement Planning Group, and Scott Bushkie, Managing Partner and Founder of Cornerstone Business Services. Together, they delve into the vital yet often overlooked topic of business exit strategies, a crucial area where most business owners’ net worth is deeply intertwined yet significantly under-planned.

Kelly and Scott highlight the staggering reality that 80-90% of a business owner’s financial net worth is typically tied up in their business. Yet, shockingly, only a fraction of businesses successfully sell when taken to market. They discuss the dire consequences of not having an exit strategy, emphasizing the five Ds (Death, Divorce, Disability, Distress, and Disagreement) that can force an exit unexpectedly.

Through their expert lens, they shed light on the critical importance of early planning and the introduction of structured financial programs and tools aimed at preventing the substantial loss of business value. They explore the intersections of financial planning, market realities, and personal goals, presenting their collaborative approach as a beacon for business owners navigating the complex process of selling their business.

The conversation also covers the unique CapEx program, a cornerstone offering designed to empower financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys in guiding their clients through successful business exits. Furthermore, they touch upon the psychological and financial impacts of selling a business, emphasizing the necessity of tailored advice and strategic planning.

Whether you’re a business owner, financial advisor, CPA, or just interested in the intricacies of business transitions, this episode offers invaluable insights into turning potential financial despair into opportunity and success. Tune in to “The Complete Advisor” and discover how to navigate the path to a successful business exit, safeguarding your financial future and legacy.

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