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Working With Family

The dynamics of creating an effective advisory team are challenging, to say the least. Finding people with the talent, expertise, and experience is hard but only the beginning. Once you’ve found that person, it is critical to blend their talents and skill sets with your existing staff and practice. Roles must be defined, responsibilities assigned, and boundaries set. When it works, the practice hums like a fine-oiled machine. When it doesn’t, it can bring a practice down.

Welcome to another episode of The Complete Advisor podcast. Today we’re joined by a father-daughter duo, Ken Vander Hart and Brittany Ashcraft. Working together as advisors, Ken and Brittany navigate the challenges of running a multi-advisory practice but also the intricacies of maintaining a strong familial bond.

In this episode, we dive into the dynamics of their professional relationship, addressing potential concerns over family dynamics in the workplace, and the importance of open communication. They discuss the courage it takes to step into a family-run business, the careful negotiation of roles and expectations, and the need for a flexible approach to defining these roles.

Don’t miss this episode to get an inside look at a successful family-run financial advisory firm, and glean insights on how to manage the dynamics between family and business. Whether you’re part of a family-run firm or simply curious about the potential challenges and rewards, this episode promises valuable insights and practical advice.

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