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When Good Prospects Go Bad!

We work so hard to get in front of that next potential client, but what happens when we have to say “thank you, but no thank you” to a qualified prospect?

In this episode of “The Complete Advisor,” we talk with Jim Toddy about his experience handling a qualified prospect who turned out to not be a fit for his practice. We walk through how they met, what happened during the fact-finding meeting, and why Jim had to say “sorry, but no.” As a special bonus, Jim tells one of the greatest prospecting stories I have ever heard! Here’s a teaser: it involves a Dateline NBC hidden camera show and a prospect who really wants to buy an annuity. If this story doesn’t validate doing a proper fact-finding process, I don’t know what does!

Key takeaways from this episode:

– How to Deal with Challenging Prospects.
– The Importance of Setting Realistic Expectations.
– The Importance of Recognizing Red Flags.

Pull up a seat and take a listen!

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