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What Would You Do With a Second Chance?

Picture this, it’s 5:42 pm on a January Thursday. It’s dark, it’s cold, and you’re on your way to meet a client. You’re also parched, so you stop to get a bottle of water. As you take a left to get back on the road, you’re met by a 2020 Ford F-250 Supercab. In your driver’s door. Not good…

This episode of The Complete Advisor is about what happens when everything a person has built; a career, a life, and a family is suddenly at risk. How would an experience like that change the way you approach work, your family, even your life? Take a listen as I talk with Glen Wantje about what happened to him that January night and how it’s impacted (no pun intended) his world. He also shares a new perspective the accident gave him at the 17:28 mark and what happens when you have six gallons of pink paint in your car!

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