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StorySELLING: The Written Word is Back!

You’ve landed at another engaging episode of “The Complete Advisor” with host Dennis Mattern, featuring David Treece, the innovative Founder of Clients Excel Financial. This episode reveals the magic behind David’s exceptional newsletter, a key element in his strategy for building genuine client relationships in the financial advisory world. Discover David’s journey from a budding high school writer to a groundbreaking influencer in finance, masterfully weaving personal stories with professional insights. Learn how David’s weekly newsletter, brimming with vulnerable and relatable content, has not only deepened his audience connection but also transformed the delivery of financial advice. From the influence of family life on his work to the importance of simplicity in messaging and the unexpected power of visuals, David’s approach is both pioneering and heartfelt. Get ready for a masterclass in combining personal development, storytelling, and expert knowledge, and find out how you can create a lasting impact in your industry. This is your chance to learn from a leader in modern, authentic, and impactful communication in finance. Click to listen and be inspired by the power of personal connections in the business world!

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