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What does a conversation with Kansas City Real Estate Titan Bryan Huff have to do with your practice? EVERYTHING. When it comes to property, everyone assumes that it’s all about location, location, location. When it comes to being a successful real estate agent, it’s all about REFERRALS, REFERRALS, REFERRALS…the gold standard of any industry.

In this very special episode of The Complete Advisor, we journey outside of the Financial Services Industry to talk to the head of the #1 Keller Williams Group in the 5-state region, Bryan Huff. Bryan started in the industry knocking on doors and transforming his practice into a 100% referral-based business! We also add into the mix Travis Postlethwaite, SVP at CreativeOne to help unpack the immense potential of referral-based business growth. Bryan shares his transformative journey from a door-knocking, cold-calling realtor to a top-ranking professional, all thanks to the power of referrals.

Listen in as we dissect the laborious grind of traditional lead generation techniques, and how, in comparison, the referral-based approach provides a more efficient and sustainable way to grow a business. Bryan vividly illustrates the moment he realized the value of referrals and his subsequent efforts to systematically incorporate them into his business, thus significantly reducing his workload and increasing his success.

This episode offers a candid look at the transition from traditional to referral-based practices, the challenges, the misconceptions, and the ultimate rewards. Also, get a glimpse of Bryan’s simple but effective 30-point touch system that has made him a referral magnet.

Whether you’re a financial advisor, a real estate professional, or anyone interested in leveraging referrals for business growth, this episode is packed with invaluable insights and practical takeaways. Dive into this episode to understand why your next client could just be a referral away!

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