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New Carrier, New Product, New Access

It’s not every day that a new carrier enters the marketplace. And I’m not talking about a company renaming itself or recycling an old brand, but in essence, a new carrier. The new carrier I’m talking about…Ibexis Life and Annuity Insurance Company. They check the necessary boxes; strong ratings, great leadership, and great service, but where things got interesting is when they decided to shake things up and push the envelope of product innovation.

On this episode of the Complete Advisor, we’re joined by:

  • Ryan Lex, EVP & Chief Distribution Officer at Ibexis Life and Annuity Insurance Company,
  • Sam Wiss, Head of Sales & Marketing for Life Innovators, and
  • David Odenath, Global Head of Quantitative Investment Solutions for HSBC Global Banking and Markets.

With a panel like that, you know the conversation is going to be top-notch!

Join us as we talk about:

  • The spin and innovation Ibexis is bringing to both Fixed Indexed and MYG annuities,
  • The use of AI technology in the development of new indices like the HSBC AI GT Index,
  • Dave’s experience with AI technology, in particular IBM Watson and Amazon,
  • The different types of AI, Generative AI vs narrow AI,
  • And where the future of product innovation is headed.

Take a listen I hope you join us!

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