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Welcome to a special mini-episode of “The Complete Advisor” with your host, Dennis Mattern. In this episode, Dennis is joined by Frank Oliver, the unique financial advisor known for his extraordinary way of making clients feel special. The topic at hand is Frank’s renowned possession—a luxurious limousine. Join Dennis and Frank as they dive into the story behind Frank’s iconic limo and how it has become a game-changer in client relationships.

The limo has become a symbol of their commitment to providing exceptional client experiences. It not only delighted their existing clients but also served as a powerful referral generator. Clients who experienced the limo’s luxury and personalized service couldn’t help but share their experience with friends and family. The limo’s branding and unique offerings stood out in stark contrast to what other advisors provided, leaving a lasting impression on prospective clients.

In this lively conversation, Dennis and Frank discuss the impact of the limo on client relationships and its role in differentiating their practice from competitors. They explore the strategic approach to utilizing the limo, targeting A-list clients, and fostering a sense of exclusivity. Frank shares how the limo has been a key factor in securing new clients, with approximately ten to fifteen clients directly attributed to their memorable limo experiences.

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