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Humanizing Tech in Client Relationships

In a rapidly changing industry where artificial intelligence and chatbots are dominating conversations, many financial advisors are left wondering about the future of their profession. Join us in this riveting episode of “The Complete Advisor” hosted by Dennis Mattern, where we delve deep into the ever-evolving world of technology and its impact on financial advising. Our special guest, Steve Goldstein, founder of Retirement Analyzer, brings a wealth of experience and insights to the discussion.

Steve’s journey in the financial services industry, from trading floors to working with individual advisors, has given him a unique vantage point. He shares his experiences and observations on the transformative power of technology, especially during and post-pandemic times. Discover how clients’ relationships with technology have evolved, and why many advisors have embraced virtual interactions. From predicting financial outcomes to discussing monthly budgets, the Retirement Analyzer software has revolutionized the advisory process.

What challenges do you face when incorporating technology and how do you bridge the gap between tech-savvy developers and those seeking to understand the digital landscape? Steve’s insights on the importance of “stickiness” in client relationships shed light on the coexistence of technology and human touch.

Intrigued by the potential threat of AI taking over financial advising? Steve offers a reassuring perspective on how human expertise remains essential in maintaining client trust and building lasting relationships. Discover why the human element remains invaluable in the advisory space.

Throughout the episode, Dennis and Steve also touch on evolving industry trends, potential challenges, and what the future may hold for financial advisors. Gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of financial technology and how to stay ahead of the curve.

Don’t miss this engaging episode of “The Complete Advisor.” Click now and join the conversation as we navigate the intersection of technology and financial advising with Steve Goldstein.

3 Key Takeaways:

– Tech’s Impact on Advising: The episode highlights the evolving role of technology in financial advising, offering insights into how it streamlines processes and benefits clients.

– Client Relationships Matter: “Stickiness” remains crucial in retaining clients, and despite technology, human engagement remains invaluable.

– AI vs. Human Advisors: Human expertise and trust are irreplaceable, ensuring that advisors will continue to thrive alongside technology.

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