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Growth Through Acquisition

Everywhere you look people are talking about buying existing books of business. And why not, 45% of business owners say they are ready to sell and retire. With opportunities seemly everywhere, could now be the time for you to make an acquisition? Maybe, but how do you make the right decision? Better yet, how do avoid making a big mistake?

Don’t miss this captivating podcast episode with our guest Matt Green as he shares his invaluable experiences and insights that you just won’t find anywhere else. Dennis and Matt discuss what you need to be looking for when you’re evaluating a book of business. We talk about the importance of practice culture, investment philosophies, client demographic considerations, and things you just won’t find in the ledger books. This conversation could be the difference-maker in your acquisition journey.

We’ll hear first-hand how Matt navigated the acquisition process, learning from his experiences with two potential targets….one that worked out and one that Matt turned down! Matt reveals essential factors for a successful acquisition, advice on valuing a practice, and why being prepared to walk away can be your secret weapon. Trust us – this is one podcast episode you’ll want to share with anyone involved in the financial advisory industry!

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