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Election 2024: Taxation Forecast

In a world of ever-changing tax laws and elections, financial advisors need to stay ahead of the curve to protect their clients’ hard-earned savings. Join us on this episode as we dive deep into the implications of the 2024 election cycle and its potential consequences for American savers. Our special guest, Becky Swansburg, an expert in taxation and taxation risk mitigation with a background in Washington politics, provides a rare inside look at what’s on the horizon.

We’ll discuss key topics such as the future of taxation, the fate of the Trump tax cuts, the promise of no new taxes under $400,000, and the potential impact on retirement accounts. Becky shares valuable insights on the importance of diversifying your retirement assets to safeguard against rising taxes.

As we head into the final quarter of 2023, discover critical strategies for financial advisors to help their clients make informed decisions and maximize their savings. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation that could shape your financial planning for years to come.

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