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Breaking Barriers: Wealth Wisdom For Women

Dive into a compelling episode of The Complete Advisor, where Hannah Gerstner welcomes Mary DeRussy, Director of Financial Planning at DeRussy Financial Group. In this enlightening session, Mary, with over 30 years of experience, shares her profound insights into the financial world, especially regarding women and finance.

Key Highlights:
– **Empowering Women in Finance**: Discover why Mary focuses on female clients and the startling statistics driving her mission to educate and empower women in financial decision-making.
– **Personal Journey of Resilience**: Hear Mary’s touching personal story of sudden loss and how it reshaped her approach to financial planning, especially for widows and single women.
– **Beyond the Numbers**: Learn how Mary integrates psychology into financial planning, focusing on understanding clients’ fears, aspirations, and family dynamics.
– **Client Appreciation and Community Building**: Get inspired by Mary’s unique approach to client relations, including her exclusive Valentine’s Day event that celebrates and supports women.
– **Advice for Aspiring Advisors**: Gain valuable insights on finding and thriving in a niche market, and why specializing can lead to exponential business growth.
– **The Future of Financial Advisory**: Envision the future with Mary as she discusses the importance and opportunities in serving women in the financial sector.

Whether you’re a financial advisor, someone interested in personal finance, or simply looking for an inspiring story of resilience and dedication, this episode is a must-listen. Mary’s blend of professional expertise and personal experience offers a rare perspective on the importance of financial literacy and empowerment, especially for women.

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