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Are Advisory Fees Dead?

Welcome to “The Complete Advisor,” where each episode brings you cutting-edge insights from the financial industry’s brightest minds. This week, we’re delving into an episode that could very well signal a paradigm shift in the world of wealth management.
We’re all very familiar with the traditional asset under management fee-based model; markets go up – advisor gets a raise, markets go down – advisor gets a pay cut etc. etc.

In this episode, we’re going to have a conversation with a true revolutionary. Loren Sherman and I talk about his trailblazing approach to the traditional fee-based model structure. And it’s an approach that has the potential to transform the advisor-client relationship. In fact, it could very well reshape the advisor landscape and how an advisor structures their business model.

Catch this enlightening discussion that questions the status quo and presents a fresh perspective on the value of investment advice. It may be time to redefine the advisor/client relationship—on both sides of the advisory desk.

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